Your international provider of corporate, administration and management services worldwide
Our Merits

Your international provider of
corporate, administration and management services worldwide


Kamarea offers its clients a variety of business solutions, such as worldwide corporate services, company formation in various jurisdictions, banking adminis tration, office and secretarial services and many more. We specialize in EU corporate services and the off-shore sector, and also provide various other business services around the world.


We work with leading, most-reputable firms and service providers around the world to ensure the high quality of our service - quick, efficient and professional. Our economies of scale benefit our clients with preferred prices and terms.


Kamarea provides, through our international network of front-line legal, accountancy, financial and taxation advisers, consultations on all legal, tax and financial matters. We strive to be constantly updated with the most recent changes in legal, fiscal and regulatory conditions in our business jurisdictions, and to service our clients' affairs accordingly.


Kamarea is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and financial conduct, and we choose both our service providers and our clients accordingly. We maintain a strict policy of compliance with EU and international regulation as per auditing, banking and legal affairs.


We emphasize total confidentiality in every aspect of our work. Our handling agents are assigned on a per-client basis to ensure personal attention and a discreet service.

Peace of Mind

We aim at providing our clients with premium, tailor-made solutions to best suit their requirements. In today's hectic financial environment, Kamarea offers its clients with the peace of mind that their business is handled with the most professional, detail-attended and cost-effective manner.

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Our Merits
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