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The world at arm's length: Kamarea's way of doing business

Kamarea Business Solutions provides corporate, administration and business services.

Specialized in the EU region and the offshore sector, Kamarea was formed in order to provide business bodies and individuals with premium service to their corporations and assets, enabling them to focus entirely on generating new business and income.

In times of multinational enterprises in a global village, as businesses are constantly developing around the globe with almost no importance to borders, nationalities and other 'old world' orders, we at Kamarea believe that proper corporate and management infrastructure should be at place in order for multinational businesses and international businessmen to thrive and be successful.

We have developed a worldwide network of specialized consultants and service providers to serve our clients with all the needs of their multinational venture. We strive to provide our clients with the most efficient and hassle-free administration of their business and assets, enabling them to run their affairs at arm's length.

Whether a small consultancy business or a complex multinational conglomerate, we invite you to experience the Kamarea way of doing business. We are proud to assist you with any business need - around the world, anytime - and to treat your business with the most beneficial manner, so you can focus on what's really important to you.

With four representation offices around Europe and our worldwide network of service providers, we are ready to boost your business into the global arena.

Company Profile
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